Stress and Anxiety affect millions.  It is a condition that will interfere with your ability to live the best life possible.  This is a multibillion-dollar industry and one of the key solutions is harmful medications.  You may become permanently dependent on them, making you a slave to pharmacology.

However, there is a better way.  One that is safe and natural and will bring amazing results in the relief of stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis, is a safe and effective way yielding amazing results in the relief of stress and anxiety.

Positive Power Hypnotherapy uses a unique process that combines the conscious and subconscious to allow you to move forward in all areas of your life. Through hypnosis, we redesign your mind so that when negative thoughts arise, they are automatically replaced with positive ones.


The mind is made up of 15% conscious mind and 85% subconscious mind.  We learn in the conscious mind, and the information is permanently recorded in the subconscious mind.

Many times, we have learned to react to circumstances and situations in a negative way, causing stress and anxiety.  This has been recorded in your subconscious mind so every time the situation arises it creates negative feelings.  Hypnosis will change the way you react to negative situations and will create new positive behaviors that will relieve stress and anxiety.  We do this through Mindset Transformation Hypnosis.

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