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Welcome to Positive Power Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis, where we specialize in unlocking your full potential through the power of hypnotherapy. Our unique process combines the conscious and subconscious to facilitate positive change in all areas of your life. Experience a life-altering mindset transformation designed to help you overcome challenges and thrive.

We understand the impact of stress and anxiety on your well-being. That's why we offer hypnotherapy services in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antoinio, and beyond, including virtual hypnosis and in-person, near me in Houston.  We help you reduce anxiety and find inner peace. Our hypnosis for anxiety provides effective relief, allowing you to break free from worry and fear.

Are you ready to quit smoking and embrace a healthier lifestyle? Our smoking cessation hypnosis offers a proven method to kick the habit for good. Say goodbye to cigarettes with our hypnosis to quit smoking, available in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and throughout.

Experience the convenience of virtual hypnosis sessions or visit us for in-person hypnosis therapy, near me in Houston, TX. Our expert hypnotherapist will guide you through the process, helping you overcome obstacles and evolve into your best self.

Don't let negativity hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a happier, more fulfilling life with Positive Power Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis. Contact us today to find out more about our services and begin your transformation journey today.

Specializing in Mindset Transformation, C-SuiteStress & AnxietySmoking Cessation, and Pain Management.

The purpose of the program is for self-improvement and not for mental health issues or diagnosis.  Hypnotherapist is neither a trained mental health nor a medical practitioner and hypnosis is not a substitute for standard medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment.  At no time will the hypnosis practitioner attempt to provide medical or mental health therapy.