Since 2017, I have been working with Paloma, an actress in New York City who came to me for relief of stress and anxiety.  She felt that this was holding her back from getting good acting parts.

After I moved to Houston, Paloma and I continued to work together remotely over Zoom. This has gone amazingly well.   Paloma’s condition has improved significantly, and we continue to work together remotely to this day.

Every time she is working on a new project, we have a session to ensure that she performs at her best.  I am proud that her career is flourishing because she is able to audition without the stress and anxiety that was holding her back.

Paloma is so appreciative of my services, and here is what she has to say about me:

“Ralph is very good at what he does. I used to see hypnotists back in California, but I remember the quality of the results being uneven. Ralph gave me solid tools to deal with some extremely upsetting situations over the past 7 months. I have found Ralph to be an empathic, perceptive practitioner with consistently strong instincts.

Not only that, he’s an easygoing and genuinely good guy who always makes me feel safe and comfortable enough to go on the hypnotic journey.

I definitely wouldn’t have made it through my first year in a full-time conservatory program (it was a demanding and stressful atmosphere) were it not for the series of hypnosis sessions that I did with him.”                                                                                       


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