Positive Power Mind-Body Transformation Hypnotherapy uses a unique process that combines the conscious and subconscious mind to allow you to move forward in all areas of your life and automatically let go of negative thoughts and behaviors. 

Through hypnosis, we redesign your mind so when negative thoughts arise, they are automatically replaced with positive ones. You are empowered to choose the life you desire.

Hypnotherapy is powerful and we are achieving amazing results that will enable you to unleash your full potential and live happy, joyous, free and full of positive energy. 

The major purpose of the program is for education and self-improvement and not for mental health issues or diagnosis.  Hypnosis is not a subsitute for standard medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment.  At no time will hypnosis practitioner attempt to provide medical or mental health therapy (Business and Professional Code 2908).





Services we offer

MINDSET TRANSFORMATION HYPNOSIS   Mindset Transformation Hypnotherapy is an interactive process designed to help you break through barriers...Read more!

WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS   There are many reasons why people cannot achieve their desired weight.  Besides the obvious reason, there are underlying issues...Read more!

STOP SMOKING HYPNOSIS   One of the most powerful addictions is nicotine addiction.  Ralph has been very successful with his hypnosis smoking cessation program...Read more!

Through Hypnosis Live Happy, Joyous, Free and Full of Positive Energy…

Providing educational and self-improvement hypnosis in Houston, Texas.

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