Positive Power Mind-Body Transformation Hypnotherapy uses a holistic approach combining the conscious and subconscious to enhance the mind, body and spirit--a truly powerful hypnotic experience that is achieving amazing results.

Ralph A. Gonzalez, M.S., C.Ht. began his career at Hackensack University Medical Center where he conducted hypnotherapy presentations for patients, making a notable contribution to the healing process, and this was featured on News12 NJ. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping people through hypnotherapy.  

Ralph earned a master of science in health administration and a diploma in hypnotherapy. He also holds certifications in pain management, weight loss, smoking cessation, sports performance hypnosis and past life regression. 

He is the host of the "Positive Power" show, which airs on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. “Positive Power” is an interactive show during which viewers learn unique therapies that give them self-awareness and empower them to live up to their full-potential. 

Ralph facilitates the healing process and helps harness the power of positive thinking through hypnosis. He enriches lives and will enable you to live happy, joyous, free and full of positive energy. 

Ralph conducts individual hypnosis sessions and performs hypnotherapy seminars and interactive workshops.

Positive Power Hypnotherapy also offers hypnotherapy services in Spanish.

Through Hypnosis Live Happy, Joyous, Free and Full of Positive Energy…

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Providing mindset transformation, weight loss and stop smoking services in Houston, Texas.