I have been very successful at helping people quit smoking.

I have developed a unique and powerful hypnotic induction, achieving amazing results. My clients are able to move forward and automatically let go of negative thoughts, eliminating the need to smoke.

The subconscious mind will be reordered so that when thoughts of smoking arise, they are fleeting, and are automatically replaced with positive thoughts of the smoke-free life you desire.

You will become a nonsmoker.

Here is what my clients are saying about my smoking cessation program:

“I smoked for 25yrs a pack and a half to 2 packs a day. I went to his session kinda not knowing what to expect. Wasn’t even sure I was ready to quit. Smoking was my best friend. I haven’t smoked for over a month. He was kind, had GREAT tips, and most of all I was completely comfortable during my session. Which made my mind switch to a nonsmoker. UNBELIEVABLE that he helped me accomplish my goal. I would recommend Mr. Gonzalez to anyone. Thank you sir for changing my life.”

Danny White

“I came with a 30 year 2 pack a day smoking habit. I wanted to quit for myself no Dr.  telling me that I had to. So far it has been great. All I know is today I’m not smoking, I’ll deal with tomorrow’s cigarette urge tomorrow. One day I won’t even think about then any more. Plus Ralph is a great guy that is in this to help people which made this easier!”


“200 days smoke-free. Ralph is a super nice and supportive therapist, who not only helped me to quit smoking, but I also went through a breakup exactly one week after I had quit for the first time and was a complete mess. I broke down and smoked a whole pack that day, but haven’t smoked again ever since, thanks to his coaching and follow-up. Make sure you do your research on hypnotherapy because it’s not magic, but if you are really ready to quit, Ralph is your guy!”

Polly Ruiz

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