I was asked to visit an elderly man who had been in the hospital for a while and was unable to sit up or walk.  After a few hypnosis sessions he was able to sit up and walk.  I believe to be a good hypnotherapist, one must extremely care about the client.  Sometimes all people need is love and good hypnosis and amazing things will manifest.

His doctor was so impressed that he came for a session just to understand what I had done.  I explained to him that the power of the subconscious mind is powerful, and a person can do anything with the right hypnotic induction.  I also told him that caring and showing love goes a long way.

Following is a review form his wife, Mrs. Gramer:

“My husband has been in the hospital for 90 days, 4 surgeries, tremendous pain from a horrific wound in his groin, very weak and depressed. He has had a wound vac on since November 10, 2019. He walked into the hospital and can’t get up by himself and definitely is not able to walk.

My husband and I were very impressed with our first visit. Very professional and caring and explains things very well.

He has slept the last 2 nights, had less pain and almost sat up on the side of the bed by himself. He took 20 steps with a walker 2 days ago and walked again today.

Best money I ever spent.”

               Martha Gramer

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