Positive Power Hypnotherapy workshops and seminars are known to raise productivity and improve morale. Participants will experience and learn unique hypnotic therapies that will help them achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives—mind, body and spirit.  

Positive Power Hypnotherapy workshops are interactive and consist of an explanation of hypnotherapy, metaphysical hypnosis, past-life regression, universal energy, handwriting analysis, dream therapy, toning, dynamics of relationships, the Taoist system of healing and life enhancement and other unique hypnotic therapies.

Attendees participate in hypnotherapy exercises such as learning if they can keep a secret utilizing hand-writing analysis, and are educated and practice toning sounds to relieve anxiety, stress and anger. Toning also helps reduce muscle tension and enhance mental power.

Participants will experience hypnotic mind-focusing exercises and are introduced to the dynamics of relationships. This information has been known to prevent divorces and improve all types of relationships; both personal and professional.

Attendees will also experience a metaphysical hypnotic induction, evoking mental clarity and feelings of happiness, joy, freedom and positive energy.

Ralph conducted Positive Power Hypnotherapy workshops and seminars at Hackensack University Medical Center for patients and staff. His presentations contributed to the overall healing process, and he was featured on News12 NJ for his outstanding work.  He also conducted a hypnotherapy seminar at Hospital for Special Surgery where participants received educational credits.

Ralph has conducted hypnotherapy workshops at Borough of Manhattan Community College, where he educated students on hypnosis and helped with the relief of test-taking stress and anxiety. His hypnotherapy seminar helped to improve students’ concentration and their ability to retain information.

Other hypnotherapy workshops and seminars have been conducted at the Center for Remembering & Sharing, AA Florida Roundup and the New York Awakening Fair.

When applicable, Positive Power Hypnotherapy workshops and seminars are customized to the specific needs of the organization, such as corporations, universities and hospitals.

Through Hypnosis Live Happy, Joyous, Free and Full of Positive Energy.

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